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Dead Dinosaur is an independent film company and video production business specializing in digital shorts, mini-documentaries, music videos, and marketing/promotional media. Additionally we provide videography services for concerts, weddings and all varieties of events.


Hiring a video producer is often a matter of choosing between the low-to-mid cost option for a product that falls somewhere in the range of mediocre to terrible on the quality scale... or dishing out many piles of dollars to get a slick looking (but sometimes still rather generic) video made by a bigger professional company. Our goal is not only to be the bridge in that gap but to hopefully offer something even more inspired and impactful than what the big budget guys are doing (for much fewer piles of dollars). We operate with streamlined equipment and small crews to keep production costs low and offer you flexible and highly competitive rates. Check out some examples above and feel free to use that contact button to get ahold of us.



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